ON scoops international awards

In April, our Brazilian partner Escriba presented ON at the Office Solution show in Sao Paulo . In addition to making a lot of interesting contacts, the chair won the "Best in Show" award in the office chair category. June also included three fantastic success stories from the international market: ON won the "Australian International Design Award", the Mix Magazine (UK) presented ON with its "Mixology Furniture Award/Product of the Year" and NeoCon was given the "Best of Show Award".

More at: http://www.designawards.com.au/

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian Design Awards is 's premier product design assessment program, recognising design and innovation excellence. Products were judged on outstanding performance across six criterias: innovation, functionality, visual appeal, quality and manufacturing, human factors and environmental sustainability. The 2010 Australian International Design Awards Presentation Night was held in Sydney on Friday 4th June with over 700 distinguished guests in attendance.

More at: http://www.mixology10.com/awards.html

We are particularly proud of the Chicago award. At NeoCon, North America 's premier fair, ON was awarded gold in the Ergonomic Seating category and silver in the Conferencing Chair category. The judges then decided to award the chair "Best of Competition" - a true accolade for ON.

More at: http://www.neocon.com/attractions/awards



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